Host A Murder

How To Host A Murder:

There are many ways to achieve better flows of communication, but a great way to start is to get your team to relate to each other as more than just their job titles. And this is where Host A Murder comes in. Not only are participants in for a night of hilarious fun, there is probably no better ice breaker than an evening where all players have the opportunity to improve listening skills, practice public speaking and work as a team to solve a murder mystery.

The basic idea is that a group of people (10 or more) are invited to dinner and each person arrives in character (dressing up is optional). After arrival, the group is presented with the news that the fictitious host has been 'murdered'! Over the three course dinner each person has to find out by revealing facts and secret clues who among their fellow dinners is the murderer. Now one of you is the murderer but the murderer does not find out that they are the murderer until the end of the game, so nobody knows who the murderer is, not even the murderer.